Writing skills

English Essentials (3rd edition)

Co-authored by popular children’s writer, Mem Fox, and experienced writer and teacher, Lyn Wilkinson, this handy reference guide is aimed at helping the reader master the basics of written English and understand the writing process.

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English Toolkit (2nd edition)

This indispensable reference guide targets the technical skills that underpin successful communication in English. Divided into clear sections addressing grammar, punctuation and spelling, it provides students with the tools they need to communicate effectively.

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English Workbook 1

This popular, stimulating workbook for junior secondary has been fully revised for the Australian Curriculum.

Book 1 provides a strong foundation for secondary English studies, introducing the skills that students will require for further studies. Each unit builds on the last to introduce new concepts and guide students through the building blocks of narrative and poetic texts.

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English Workbook 2

This popular, stimulating workbook for Year 8 has been fully revised for the Australian Curriculum.

Book 2 builds on the skills and knowledge introduced in Book 1, using a clear, logical sequence to introduce each new concept. The units guide students through understanding different perspectives, and how to tailor their persuasive writing accordingly. This workbook also features a strong focus on vocabulary and parsing words to discover meaning. To view a full topic list, download the Table of Contents.

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