Speaking & Listening

Big Dramas

This fully updated, powerful collection presents contemporary issues, dollops of comedy and memorable characters for students from Year 7 to Year 11, and is guaranteed to have broad appeal.

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Mega Dramas

Here it is – the latest smorgasbord of ready-to-perform scripts for Australian students by the highly acclaimed author Sue Murray. Full of entertaining, challenging and illuminating plays for junior–middle secondary, Mega Dramas is a must in all Drama facilities.

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Mirror, Mirror

This thought-provoking play tackles the sensitive issue of eating disorders in a theatrically dynamic way. It invites audiences into the topsy-turvy world of a circus where everything is smoke and mirrors and nothing is as it seems. The play is full of strong visual images and powerful dialogue, as well as moments of comedy. It incorporates a wide range of performance, dance and music styles – from clowning to soliloquies, from ballet to belly dancing and from pop to tribal drumming.

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Real Dramas

Real Dramas is an engaging collection of ten original Australian plays for junior secondary students. The plays are fun to perform and are full of all sorts of characters caught up in situations that are intriguing and often highly amusing.

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SACE English: Steps to Success

SACE English: Steps to Success is a comprehensive, user-friendly course companion for the new senior English syllabus for South Australia.

This book is designed to help students develop the key knowledge and skills for success in all Stage 2 SACE English assessment tasks. Stage 1 students will also find the information relevant and useful as they begin their studies. Written in a clear, engaging style, the book covers the relationship between author, text and audience, with a focus on how language can shape ideas and perspectives. Students are encouraged to reflect on the human experience through their responses to a broad range of contemporary and classic texts both from Australia and from other cultures.

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