National English Skills 

High-interest workbooks for the Australian Curriculum 

Authors: Rex Sadler, Tom Hayllar, Viv Winter

This series of workbooks addresses the Australian Curriculum content descriptions and cross-curriculum priorities, and fully covers the Language, Literacy and Literature strands using an appealing range of age-appropriate excerpts. 

The full-colour design allows visual and multimodal texts to be analysed and the writers place strong emphasis on persuasive writing in media texts, as well as broader language skills. 

The workbooks cover a range of popular topics, and:

  • Build comprehension strategies, spelling and vocabulary development, and an understanding of grammar and language
  • Focus on the concepts of culture, identity and context 
  • Offer opportunities for students to crate written, spoken and multimodal texts

Click on a year level below to access sample pages and contents for each workbook.