Complete English Basics

Reinforce the skills that underpin Australian Curriculum requirements with this popular back-to-basics workbook series. 

Authors: Rex Sadler, Sandra Sadler

Highly structured thematic units provide context for the exercises, and a wide range of literary and non-literary texts act as a basis for comprehension tasks.

This third edition includes additional content on writing, updated extracts and a new design. Each book also comes with an access code to an auto-marked interactive version that students can use to practice their skills independently.

Each unit features four distinct sections:

  • Comprehension
  • Spelling and vocabulary
  • Language
  • Punctuation

Ideal for both classwork and homework assignments, the books also contain:

  • A variety of exercise types to keep students engaged
  • Concise explanations of grammar and punctuation rules
  • Sequential development of language skills
  • A back-of-the-book dictionary to help develop vocabulary skills

Answers to each exercise are available in the Teacher Resource Books.

Click on a year level below to access sample pages and contents for each workbook.