Year Level: 7, 8, 9, 10
ISBN: 9780732997755

Simply Poetry: A Student Workbook

Rex Sadler / Sandra Sadler

This lively and engaging workbook introduces junior secondary students to the world of poetry. The self-contained and visually appealing units explore a wide range of poetic techniques and popular themes. Each poem has been carefully chosen to give an insight into how poetry really works.

Special features:

  • presents a vast selection of enjoyable and inspiring poets, both classic and contemporary
  • provides high-interest activities that lead to varied written and oral responses
  • encourages students to write their own poems based on models provided
  • can be used effectively in all English programs, either as a write-in workbook or as a class set


1 The poet’s purpose
2 The wonder of words
3 Poets paint word pictures
4 Feelings and emotions
5 I like this poem
6 The five senses
7 Writing about people
8 Animal poems
9 Similes
10 Metaphors
11 Personification
12 Story poems
13 Ballads
14 Haiku
15 Having fun writing poems
16 Family portraits
17 Shape poems
18 Rhyme
19 Rhythm
20 Limericks
21 Onomatopeia
22 Teen days
23 Parody
24 Poets and persons
25 Alliteration
26 Assonance
27 Poets and issues
28 How to analyse a poem