Year Level: 11
ISBN: 9781420233292

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Senior English Skills Year 11

Rex Sadler / Viv Winter 

An innovative, student-friendly approach to Year 11 English.

This exciting full-colour workbook breaks new ground by focusing on core skills and concepts through detailed analysis of a diverse selection of rich and engaging texts.

The book provides an ideal springboard for discussion and class work, and the units offer flexibility as they can be used in a multitude of ways to support any Year 11 English program.


• fully addresses the requirements of VCE year 11 and the Senior Australian Curriculum content descriptions for English
• covers essential skills and language techniques related to analysing literary and non-literary texts
• explores a wide range of themes, ideas and issues through written, oral and multimodal texts
• closely examines persuasive language strategies and techniques in the context of lively, interesting issues
• provides accessible and clear explanations of key metalanguage with examples
• includes practical response exercises throughout, that focus on exactly how writers achieve particular effects
• features a range of extended activities for creating a variety of texts
• offers a skills-based approach that is ideal for both English and EAL students
• includes a revision unit on language basics
• provides free access to an interactive ebook.


1. Communicating with texts
2. Media texts
3. Poetic techniques
4. Persuasion
5. Film techniques
6. Making language choices
7. Analysing issues
8. Elements of the novel
9. Speeches and presentations
10. Themes and ideas
11. Drama techniques
12. Language Basics


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