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Year Levels: 7, 8
ISBN: 9781458650962

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Inspired English 1

Susie May / Purnima Ruanglertbutr (National Gallery of Victoria)

Macmillan Education has worked with the National Gallery of Victoria to create this unique series aimed at using the power of art to develop skills in:

• critical thinking
• creative writing
• close reading
• visual literacy
• literary techniques
• vocabulary development.

Inspired English comprises a series of projects using works of art as inspiration. Each project develops visual analysis and interpretation skills while building literary skills through practical classroom lessons. The activities develop key elements of Years 7-10 of the English curriculum, including descriptive writing, persuasive writing, issues-based writing and poetry.

This series will help you meet the demands of the Australian Curriculum while enriching your students’ experience in the English classroom.

About the student workbooks

The full-colour workbooks enable students to record vocabulary development, their own critical analyses and creative ideas, along with scaffolds for the drafting of productive tasks which can then be used for assessment.

Projects in Book 1:
  • Collins St, 5p.m., John Brack. Writing focus: Descriptive writing
  • Explosion, Howard Arkley. Writing focus: Language of popular culture
  • Pine with cranes dancing in the snow, dance in motion, Kim Hoa Tram. Writing focus: Short forms of poetry
  • groundspeed (red piazza) #2, Rosemary Laing . Writing focus: the art of storytelling/contemporary issues
  • Self-portrait no. 9, Andy Warhol, and Federation Series: 1901-2001, Julie Dowling. Writing focus: writing about identity
Download series overview: Inspired English overview

Watch our short video introduction to the authors and the series!

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