Supporting students as they prepare for assessment

Senior English Skills

These exciting full-colour workbooks focus on core skills and concepts through detailed analysis of a diverse selection of texts. They provide an ideal springboard for discussion and class work, and flexible units that support any Year 11 English program. Teacher editions are also available, providing answers to activities. 

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Creative Writing Workbooks 


These brand new workbooks take students through the steps of producing a useable piece of creative writing, from generating ideas through to developing a writing voice and strategies for the exam. Designed to support the requirements of senior English creative response tasks, the activities can be be adapted to suit any stimulus given in the exam, as well as submitted as a record for in-school assessment. 

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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark is a brand new series of revision resources geared at helping students as they prepare for their HSC or VCE in English. The exercises and advice will help students get to grips with what the examiners are looking for and, most importantly, how to really make their mark when it comes to the exam. 

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VCE: Steps to Success 


Steps to Success is a new series for senior students offering comprehensive, user-friendly course companions for the revised VCE syllabuses. Written by experienced teacher and author Anne Mitchell, these books are designed to help students to develop key knowledge and skills for success in all assessment tasks and exams. The information and advice will help teachers plan and deliver the new syllabus, consolidating the work they are doing with students in the classroom and supplementing it with new ideas and strategies.

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